40 Newsletter Prompts

No matter if you’re sending out a newsletter once a month or weekly, finding things to talk about between releases can be hard. You might be staring at the screen wondering what the heck to talk about this week/month.  

I’ve listed a few ideas to work as a jumping off point for you.  Some of these like the listicles, anecdotes, and even teasers can be used over and over.  Instead of waiting until the last minute to figure out what to write, start off with a plan! 

If you know you’re going to be releasing a new book next month try teasing your readers with samples, and character interviews now and prepare them for release. Pick one thing per week to focus on and make your email center around that!  

Below I’ve included a 5 step plan you can use as part of a launch schedule. But it can be adapted to fit your needs and schedule. Follow the Rule of 3:1 for every one ask give the readers three things.

Listed Below are some other ideas to fill out your newsletter!

Story Updates:

  • Progress update: just started a new story? Finally finished the manuscript and it’s off to the editor? You’ve gotten beta feedback and they’re loving it? Let your readers know! They’ll want to celebrate with you. 
  • Cover reveals (seems fairly obvious but too many authors neglect to share the cover in their newsletter)
  • Teasers (A short excerpt, a funny typo you found while editing)
  • Character profiles/interviews (Help the reader get to know the characters before they read the book)
  • Chapter one Sample
  • Mood boards that inspired your work in progress
  • What inspired your next release
  • Pre-order announcement 
  • Facts and tidbits about your story’s world
  • Share your writing playlist 

Personal: (How much you want to share about your life is at your discretion and what you’re comfortable with)

  • What made you want to become a writer?
  • Authors that inspire you
  • Your family vacation story
  • A personal anecdote 
  • Exciting personal announcements: (i.e. Finished your first marathon, had a baby, bought a house, adopted a pet, etc.)
  • Something cute/funny your kids or pet did 
  • What you’re reading or watching right now and would recommend 
  • Cross promote to your social media you’re active on: i.e share your recent Instagram post of your cat, or the video you uploaded on YouTube. If you’ve made an inspiration board on pinterest ask them to follow you there. 
  • Answer reader questions
  • Behind the scenes of a recent event you attended
  • Your future plans/reflections on the past year
  • Seasonal greetings/holiday messages
  • Celebrate your accomplishments (i.e awards, best sales, best ranking, finished a book or completed a series etc.)


  • Top ten favorite books
  • Top Ten favorite authors/author inspirations
  • Your must read books of 2020 (etc)
  • Most underrated books/Overrated books 
  • Gift Guides around themes related to your books 
  • Lists of books that are comparable to yours. I.e. If you like ACOTR check out these books


  • Reader Magnet/Short story
  • Newsletter exclusives: Short stories, Wallpaper downloads, extended epilogues, deleted scenes, etc)
  • Giveaways of your books
  • Giveaways of comparable authors books
  • Promotions

Free/99c books

  • Group promotions with others
  • Discount a blacklist title
  • Series discounts
  • New release announcement 

Sell your Back list:

  • Talk about inspiration behind older titles
  • Share teasers/samples of older published works

Serial Stories: 

If you have a reader magnet or a short form story consider breaking it up into small installments and delivering it to your subscribers every week. It gives your readers a chance to check out your work, get excited for an upcoming release without having to go through an additional click to download or read on their e-reader.  

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