Author FAQ

What is a newsletter builder?

A newsletter builder is a promotion method that helps authors gain more newsletter subscribers and social media followers.

How do the newsletter builders work?

Sponsoring authors buy one of max ten spots in the newsletter builder. We purchase items for a giveaway and set up the giveaway page using the King Sumo App. Readers enter the giveaway by submitting their email and agree to subscribe to all the sponsoring author’s newsletters. When the giveaway ends, a winner is selected via the King Sumo App and they are notified via email. Prizes are mailed out to the winner by Book Queendom.

Contestants who did not win are informed a winner was chosen. At this point they are also given the option of opting out of future contact from Book Queendom or any of the sponsoring authors. After a week has past, after the giveaway ends the sponsoring authors receive a excel sheet with the entrants information.

I signed up for a builder, when will it start?

Ideally each builder would fill up as soon as it is announced. But more often it takes a couple weeks to a couple months to get to the max ten participating authors. Builders start when there are ten participating authors or 90 days have elapsed since it was announced, which ever comes first. When the giveaway starts, you’ll receive an email providing links to the ad and giveaway.

If you’re waiting on a builder to start, please consider sharing it with authors you’d think would be a good fit for that builder.

How do I know if a builder is a good fit for me?

You are welcome to join any builder, there are no restrictions and you don’t have to be a perfect match to join a builder. The guides listed under builders are meant to act as a loose guide. Ultimately it is up to the author to decide if it’s a good fit or not. If you want more guidance feel free to contact us

I got spam complaints from my list. What do I do?

We try to remove all the entrants who are not interested in hearing more from our authors but sometimes bad actors slip through. We have a blacklist of emails from people who report our authors as spam or get hostile in their replies. When you’re first sending an email to your new list, please let us know of anyone who reports you as spam and we will add them to our list.

What is the budget for?

Signing up for a newsletter builder is $100 per entrant. That budget goes towards prizes, shipping, pay pal transaction fees, FB ads to attract fans to the giveaway and a portion is to compensate the admins of Book Queendom.